Site redesign and pruning

I’ve replaced the previous theme for this site (my Dananke theme for Hugo) and replaced it with the Zen theme for Hugo plus some custom layouts and CSS. I’ve done this because, for about three days new work, I greatly reduce the amount of time and effort I will need to spend maintaining this site.

This is also the beginning of a move away from self-hosting my website, email, and calender. I need to get away from that because I have many new positive, interesting, and time consuming things happening in my life. Given that the self-hosting, while it was an interesting project, (and would remain interesting if there were a way to earn money while doing it) is an unnecessary drain, at this time.

As with an update to my professional and technical website, you might notice the removal of many graphics and images. I’ve decided that I am interested in trying what Bryce Wray refers to as CTCAJW mode. We’ll see how that works out.