Today the World Will Be a Little Better — We Need That!

Today is Donald Trump’s last day as the president of the United States, and the first day of their incoming president who at least speaks of unifying the country. The US, for better or worse, is a major influence on the world, and most especially on my own country, Canada (sharing a rather long border, and having a highly integrated trade system will do that…).

I think this is a good thing because I believe we need a world in which people work for mutual betterment rather trying to dominate and control others for whom one stokes flames of hate and resentment. Unfortunately it seems that even in Canada this is not necessarily the most popular opinion. When I read the comments section of an article like this one in talking about how Canada has become more self-centred it can be depressing. While I have learned, with difficulty and painful experience, that in caring, sharing, and giving, one must also protect oneself because there are those will take advantage, I still believe that working together, with compassion, is the best way forward.

Selfishness, greed, and hate lead to the dystopian futures of movies and novels, and generally are miserable places even for those on top. I refuse to give up and give in.

Be Kind, Stay Strong, and Stay Safe!